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OP-ED | cmajNews

Temporary fixes to chronic drug shortages leave Canada vulnerable

Canada may face dire shortages of critical care medicines if a second wave of COVID-19 cases spikes earlier than anticipated.


Doctors and pharmacists are working around shortages of critical care medicines but warn that stop-gap measures can only stretch supplies so far...


Pandemic creating potential for drug shortages that Canada isn't equipped to deal with

"For months now, Canadians have been sacrificing things we never thought we would have to and giving up more than we ever thought we could. Those sacrifices are paying off — they've helped flatten the curve, and our hospitals are able to keep up with the burden of this terrible virus..." 

OP-ED | healthydebate

Nationalizing drug manufacturing: A public necessity or a waste of money?

"COVID-19 has ravaged our country, pummelled our economy, upended our daily lives and exposed cracks in our healthcare system..." 

OP-ED | healthydebate

Drug Shortages: The next crisis in the pandemic

"While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many systemic flaws in our healthcare system, the critical drug shortages that are starting to cripple patient care across North America have not received much attention yet..." 

OP-ED | Toronto Star

Drug shortages threaten the lives of our most at-risk patients

"I am paged to the intensive care unit: a 60-year-old man who contracted COVID-19 on a cruise ship is deteriorating. His lungs are failing, so he requires intubation and drugs to take away pain and awareness while a ventilator supports his lungs..." 


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